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2 Aboitiz units provide livelihood kits, feeds reseller opportunities

RAFI Micro-finance, Inc. COO Jonar Dorado (top) and Pilmico Foods Corp. president and CEO Tristan R. Aboitiz (bottom) sign an agreement to provide livelihood kits and reseller business opportunities. (Screenshot)

Livelihood kits and an opportunity to distribute Pilmico products await selected low-income beneficiaries in Cebu under a partnership between two Aboitiz Group units, which aims to help attain the sustainable development goal of reducing poverty.

RAFI Micro-finance, Inc. has partnered with Pilmico & Gold Coin Group (Pilmico) to distribute gilt packages, egg machines and bakery starter kits valued at more than P100,000 each to 20 target beneficiaries across the country.

Selected beneficiaries in Cebu will receive bakery starter kits under Project Farina, officials announced Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.

The gilt packages under Project Bacon will be distributed in Bohol while the egg machines under Project Omelette will go to beneficiaries in Negros and Panay.

RAFI MFI and Pilmico will also implement a Barangay Agri-post Reseller Program that will provide clients an opportunity to become Pilmico feeds resellers and give them access to financial bridging services.

This program will be piloted in Cebu in November 2021 prior to expansion to other areas in the country, officials said.

A memorandum of agreement for the implementation of these programs was signed on Oct. 29 by Tristan Roberto C. Aboitiz, president and chief executive officer of Pilmico Foods Corp.-Philippines, and Jonar Dorado, chief operating officer of RAFI MFI.

“With our combined networks, we expect that this partnership will benefit more communities and individuals by providing low-income Filipinos with alternative livelihood opportunities such as backyard farming, VR egg machines and gilt packages; through the sale of baked goods through our bakery starter kits; and through our feeds reseller packages which in effect give them the opportunity to become feed distributors,” Aboitiz said during the virtual signing ceremony.

“Along with access to these livelihood opportunities, beneficiaries will also be given access to RAFI’s financial services as well as trainings and seminars led by Pilmico experts that will help them sustain and support their chosen livelihood,” he added.

Dorado, for his part, said: “With the programs in place, not only will RAFI MFI empower and retain loyal clients, RAFI MFI will also be able to create a new channel for client leads through Pilmico clients and beneficiaries.”

Distribution of the livelihood kits and implementation of the barangay agri-post reseller program will be made under Pilmico’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

Meanwhile, RAFI MFI is also distributing livelihood starter kits worth P5,000 each to clusters of microentrepreneurs who want to consolidate production and marketing efforts. (Ventures Cebu)

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