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Cebu turning PDP Laban country

Updated: May 20, 2019

UPDATE: Governor-elect Gwendolyn F. Garcia and the mayors-elect of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu cities have all been proclaimed.

Partial and unofficial results aggregated by television network ABS-CBN from Comelec data showed Garcia getting a total of 887,290 votes, a wide lead over Vice Governor Agnes A. Magpale (NPC) who received only 598,567.

In Cebu City, mayor-elect Edgardo Labella was declared the winner even before canvassing of election returns was completed. He received 265,738 votes based on ABS-CBN's monitoring while incumbent Mayor Tomas Osmeña got only 246,813.

The new vice mayor is former mayor Michael L. Rama, once a protege turned bitter rival of Osmeña, who received 261,685 votes against Councilor Mary Ann de los Santos's 235,007.

In Mandaue City, it was a landslide victory for incumbent 6th District Representative Jonas Cortes and his entire PDP-Laban slate. Cortes received 101,641 votes against incumbent mayor Gabriel Luis “Luigi” R. Quisumbing (NPC), who received only 58,842 votes.

In Lapu-Lapu City, village chairman Junard "Ahong" Chan ended the reign of the Radaza family as he took the top post with 85,976 votes compared to the 66,108 votes received by former mayor Arturo "Boy" Radaza.

PDP-Laban bet Celsi Sitoy also won as vice mayor with 70,533 votes against Harry Radaza's 64,941 votes.


Candidates from the PDP LABAN, the political party of President Rodrigo Duterte, are set to take over the Provincial Capitol and the top posts of the province’s biggest cities, Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu.

Cebu has 3,082,621 registered voters, the biggest nationwide, for the just concluded 2019 midterm National and Local Elections. The largest voting population are in: Cebu City, 709,608; Mandaue City, 226,091; and Lapu-Lapu City, 214,117.

In the gubernatorial race, former governor Gwendolyn F. Garcia (PDP LABAN) is set to retake the post as she continues to lead with 227,796 partial and unofficial votes as of 1 a.m. of May 14.

Vice Governor Agnes A. Magpale (Nationalist People’s Coalition) received only 159,165.

Garcia’s runningmate, Daphne Salimbangon, however, is trailing behind Governor Hilario Davide III (Liberal Party), who is running for vice governor.

Salimbangon could not even win in Bogo City, her family’s hometown, where members of her family are also being clobbered by their rivals.

In Cebu City, incumbent mayor Tomas R. Osmeña (LDP) has conceded defeat to vice mayor Edgardo C. Labella (PDP LABAN).

Labella is leading the race along with his runningmate, former mayor Michael L. Rama (UNA), who is up against Councilor Mary Ann Delos Santos (LDP).

In Mandaue City, congressman and former mayor Jonas C. Cortes (PDP LABAN) was proclaimed as the winner of the mayoralty race on Monday night, May 13.

Cortes won with 101,641 votes against incumbent mayor Gabriel Luis “Luigi” R. Quisumbing (NPC), who received only 58,842 votes.

Cortes’s runningmate Glenn Bercede also won with 89,646 against Carlo Fortuna who garnered 67,586 votes.

Other PDP LABAN candidates also took the major posts representing Mandaue City: Lolypop Ouano-Dizon as new House representative of the 6th congressional district; and Thadeo “Jonkie” Ouano and Glenn Soco for the Provincial Board seats.

In Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island, Junard “Ahong” Chan (PDP Laban) is leading the mayoralty race against former mayor Arturo “Boy” Radaza (Lakas). (Ventures Cebu)

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