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Domestic flights resume at Mactan Airport after 'Odette'

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Domestic arrival area at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Ventures Cebu)

Domestic flights resumed at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) today, Dec. 19, 2021, more than 48 hours after powerful Typhoon Odette (Rai) slammed into Cebu and caused extensive infrastructure damage.

Here is the list of domestic flights for Dec. 19, airport operator GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corp. (GMCAC) announced before dawn Sunday.

CEBU PACIFIC AIR Departure DG6571 CEB-TAC 0900H 5J205 CEB-CGY 0915H 5J576 CEB-MNL 0945H DG6132 CEB-MPH 1000H 5J566 CEB-MPH 1030H DG6603 CEB-DPL 1140H DG6641 CEB-PAG 1155H 5J433 CEB-ZAM 1215H DG6925 CEB-BXU 1230H 5J554 CEB-MNL 1235H DG6573 CEB-TAC 1500H 5J568 CEB-MNL 1505H 5J597 CEB-DVO 1530H 5J582 CEB-MNL 1530H 5J570 CEB-MNL 1805H 5J560 CEB-MNL 1905H 5J556 CEB-MNL 2010H 5J564 CEB-MNL 2135H Arrival 5J565 MNL-CEB 0935H DG6572 TAC-CEB 1120H 5J206 CGY-CEB 1145H 5J553 MNL-CEB 1145H 5J567 MNL-CEB 1430H 5J575 MNL-CEB 1315H 5J569 MNL-CEB 1725H 5J559 MNL-CEB 1830H 5J557 MNL-CEB 1940H 5J563 MNL-CEB 2100H PHILIPPINE AIRLINES Departure 2P2368 CEB-MPH 0920H 2P2835 CEB-MNL 0910H PR1846 CEB-MNL 1000H PR1848 CEB-MNL 1015H 2P2313 CEB-CGY 1100H PR1850 CEB-MNL 1255H 2P2365 CEB-DVO 1400H 2P9775 CEB-MNL 1430H 2P2238 CEB-TAC 1640H PR1854 CEB-MNL 1715H PR1864 CEB-MNL 2215H Arrival PR1845 MNL-CEB 0905H 2P2835 MNL-CEB 0910H PR1847 MNL-CEB 0925H 2P2369 MPH-CEB 1155H PR1849 MNL-CEB 1205H 2P4774 DVO-CEB 1300H 2P2314 CGY-CEB 1305H PR1853 MNL-CEB 1615H 2P2366 DVO-CEB 1700H PR1859 MNL-CEB 1725H 2P2239 TAC-CEB 1830H PR1861 MNL-CEB 2025H PR1863 MNL-CEB 2125H AIRASIA Departure Z2776 CEB-MNL 1100H Z28776 CEB-MNL 1535H Z2778 CEB-MNL 1955H Z2782 CEB-MNL 2210H Z28782 CEB-MNL 2335H Arrival Z2775 MNL-CEB 1035H Z28775 MNL-CEB 1510H Z2777 MNL-CEB 1900H Z2783 MNL-CEB 2145H Z28783 MNL-CEB 2305H GMCAC said "resumption of international flights will follow shortly."

Flights for cargo, emergency, humanitarian, and military are permitted to ensure unhampered delivery of relief assistance and operations.

The airport suspended operations at 6:52 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16, just as violent typhoon winds started to lash Cebu.

In a statement issued in the early hours of Friday, Dec. 17, GMCAC announced that it was suspending operations until further notice because of damage from the typhoon.

The typhoon struck Cebu Thursday evening after leaving a trail of destruction in Surigao provinces and Bohol.

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