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Food Diary by Binaboy with A&M

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Goldilocks Leche Flan

If my worst enemy ever asked me, "Hey, what dessert should I get?" I would recommend this.

There's nothing more disappointing than bringing home the Goldilocks leche flan (P180) to your family and expecting a nice creamy custard dessert only to get this bland, unsmooth ... thing that doesn't taste like custard at all.

The texture is horrible. It's quite hard and dense but not rich dense--it's a light, bland dense.

It's also FULL of holes and it's not smooth. It's obvious nobody put this through a sieve before steaming it. It almost feels like there are chunks of product that's balled up. Yuck.

Tastewise, this is also horrible. A good leche flan is sweet and custardy, some people even like it eggy. This only tastes sweet. No custard at all. This was a total disgrace.

Rating: 0/10.

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