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Food Diary by Binaboy with A&M

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Red Buffalo's Unlimited Chicken Wings

Aside from eat-all-you-can promos and unlimited samgyupsal (Korean barbecue), unlimited chicken wings (unliwings) restaurants are also popular among Cebuanos.

We went to Red Buffalo, the place that sells the BEST UNLIWINGS EVER for P198 per person (used to be P228 and the P198 was for students, but they recently lowered the regular rate to P198).

They offer 6 flavors: original, teriyaki, buffalo, garlic parmesan, honey glazed, and barbecue.

What makes this different from other unliwings in town is that the flavors are cooked through, not just dumped on top of, the chicken.



It's crispy and a really good blend of spices.

Honey glazed

Sweet but not too sweet, like it's just right

for our taste.


It tastes like they really use authentic teriyaki

sauce, not cloying at all.

Garlic parmesan

Best one for sure!!

Very cheesy. It does get salty because the chicken

already has flavor, but we swear it's delicious!

The last two flavors are barbecue and buffalo.

Inside the Red Buffalo

Barbecue - Flavor is not overwhelming. You can actually have as many as you like.

Buffalo - We had this the last time we were there and we weren't into it. This is the only bad flavor for us, luh. Ironic because this is the restaurant's name.

Important sidenote: the bathroom is really clean and cute and has a bidet!!

Red Buffalo is in Banilad, Cebu City, just across the fruit stands along Gov. Manuel Cuenco Avenue.

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