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Food Diary by Binaboy with A&M

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Kimbap (left) and cheesy topokki (right) from Topokkiman

Topokkiman's Kimbap and Topokki

There's a Topokkiman at the newly opened Ayala Malls Central Bloc in the Cebu IT Park. But the stall is really small you could almost miss it.

We ordered regular kimbap, or Korean sushi roll, and topokki, a very popular street food in Korea made of rice cakes in red chili sauce. An order of kimbap was P150 while the cheesy topokki was P200.

Since the stall is super small and there were a lot of customers (as is usually the case when a new mall or a new food outlet opens), the waiting time was kinda long. The menu was also pretty limited. Perhaps because the stall is small?

Anyway, the kimbap was good! For us, it would have been tastier if there was sauce to dip into but the guys at Topokkiman said there was no need for sauce because the sushi roll is already salty. It was indeed great on its own.

But the topokki was another thing.


At their Talamban branch, you would get the version on the left.

At the Ayala Central Bloc, you would get regular topokki but they put mozzarella cheese at the bottom. It doesn't melt obviously so the experience isn't as A-ok.

Also, this is really, really spicy.

The Topokkiman stall in Ayala Central Bloc is located inside their Food Choices.

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