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Food Diary by Binaboy with A&M

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Cheesecake by Cheezken

We ordered a cheesecake from Cheezken (Twitter @chefkenooleo). Grabe, guys, it's heavenly!

This is Set A - matcha, mango, blueberry and New York. Price is P550 - super affordable for an entire eight-inch (8 inches) cheesecake.

It's soft, creamy and easy to slice into. Each flavor is distinct and it's not just the same cake with different toppings.

The group mind-decided that New York is the best. But every flavor is SO GOOD.

That's a bonus reaction video. We finished the whole thing within minutes.

Cheezken also offers the following assorted options:

Set B - strawberry, mango, blueberry and New York (P600)

Set C - oreo, mango, blueberry and New York (650)

Set D - red velvet, mango, blueberry and New York (P650)


Cheezken has announced new flavors, including its Ultimate Assorted, which features eight - yes, 8 - flavors. Check out its menu below.

New flavors that we have yet to try are choco truffle, ube and fruit jelly.

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