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Food Diary by Binaboy with A&M

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Streetyard’s Pesto Butter Porkchop with Carbonara

Went to the newest mall in the city during the Christmas holidays and found Streetyard among its food stalls.

We had a Pesto Butter Porkchop with Carbonara for P190.

Streetyard isn’t the first to offer this dish, but we’re pretty sure they did their best.

The porkchop was grilled and slathered with pesto sauce, then served with butter, which we also spread evenly on the meat.

We recommend that you get this without the carbonara.

The carbonara, on its own, was good and creamy but it is served on the same plate as the porkchop and its sauce mixes with the meat. It spoils the taste. These two shouldn’t be on the same plate, tbh.

We recommend you get the one with just the porkchop, unless Streetyard could find a way to serve the porkchop and carbonara separately.

The meat served to us was not tender and it was not easy to cut through it. Streetyard in that mall does not offer knives so you have to use your spoon and fork. Good luck.

The dish came with rice, but it was kinda burnt. Good thing someone else in our group had an unlimited rice package from another stall.

We’re not supposed to because sharing is not allowed, but we were forced to “steal” some of the unli rice.

The Streetyard serving also came with a slice of pipino (cucumber), which doesn’t really go with the dish. But, okay…

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