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KFC opens franchising opportunities to Filipinos

KFC restaurant perspective (Contributed Photo)

For the first time in its decades-long operations in the Philippines, KFC is inviting Filipino entrepreneurs and investors to become pioneer franchisees.

To be part of this exciting opportunity, business and property owners may apply and be considered to avail of the franchise. The franchisee's investment cost will vary depending on the location and preferred store type.

Entrepreneurs interested in operating their own KFC franchise can contact the KFC Franchising Team through email (, landline ((+632)8 370 1393), and mobile ((+63)917 818 2927).

KFC opened its first Philippine store in 1966, bringing its signature “11 secret herbs and spices” chicken recipe to Filipino taste buds.

The brand has since expanded into more than 300 stores today. With its famous Original Recipe chicken formula and signature gravy, KFC has innovated and diversified its menu through the years, creating dishes like the popular, no bread sandwich, Double Down and no dough pizza, Chizza.

KFC offers a unique opportunity for prospective franchisees to deliver world-class chicken-and-gravy goodness right to their neighborhoods.

Given KFC’s globally set operational standards, entrepreneurs can create jobs within their communities through their very own KFC store.

KFC provides top-notch support that encompasses all business franchising fundamentals, including business development, marketing and operations.

Unit franchisees will be equipped with all the necessary tools to maximize their stores’ potential, from selecting the optimal site, promoting the store, to managing daily operations.

Given the company's world-class standards, entrepreneurs are ensured the full benefits of franchise ownership while enjoying a hassle-free management experience as KFC Philippines will handle the full operations of the stores.

Colonel Harland Sanders made history when he gave Kentucky a taste of his original fried chicken recipe back in 1940. Since then, KFC has grown into over 21,000 restaurants across 130 countries, becoming one of the most iconic brands in the world. (From PR)

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