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New nature park rising in Balamban uplands

Aboitiz Construction, Inc, says it has finished building roads and improving the drainage system at the Magspeak Nature Park along the Cebu Transcentral Highway. (Contributed Photo)

Site development of a new nature park along the scenic Cebu Transcentral Highway in Balamban town has been completed, Aboitiz Construction, Inc. announced.

The new eco-tourism site, called Magspeak Nature Park, Inc., is partially owned by developer Cebu Landmasters, Inc.

Aboitiz Construction said it has completed site development works at the property, including the construction of 630-meter road pavements, concreting of sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and improving the drainage system.

Aboitiz Construction also prepared parking areas and trail paths, and completed the benching of sloping areas to protect people from soil erosion hazard.

“This site development project is a significant milestone to us as we strengthen our capabilities in infrastructure. Our commitment to contributing to the economic growth has been seen through our involvement in the preparation works for a tourist attraction area that will be established soon,” Alex Garciano, Aboitiz Construction’s vice president for construction operations, said in a statement.

Aboitiz Construction expanded its portfolio in infrastructure that includes projects for ports or marine, water infrastructure, transmission lines and substations, civil works, and land development.

The company, which has its roots in Cebu, has been strengthening its national footprint and getting involved in various engineering, design, and construction projects. (Ventures Cebu)

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