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Shakey's eyes 20 more stores in 2019

The popular Manager's Choice pizza of Shakey's

Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. plans to open 20 more new stores this 2019, bringing its projected total local network to 248.

The company ended 2018 with 20 net new stores, hitting its store opening target for the year.

“We continue to see consumer spending fueling the Philippine economy, which is still one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing markets,” said Shakey’s President and CEO Vicente Gregorio.

“This, alongside our strong brand equity and industry-leading margins, supports our drive to open more stores across the country this year and in the years ahead,” he added.

Majority of Shakey’s new stores in 2018, approximately 80%, were opened outside the National Capital Region in line with the company’s strategy to pursue growth outside first-tier cities.

Three of four, or 75%, newly opened stores were also franchised.

“We are focused on expanding outside Metro Manila where we see great potential in terms of demand for the premium yet affordable dining experience we provide. We also tapped more local partners this year to run our provincial operations and to ensure that we have on-the-ground accountability even in farther-flung areas,” said Gregorio.

Throughout 2018, Shakey’s has been rolling out redesigned interiors for its newer branches, launching innovative products, and executing high-quality service to consistently “WOW” its guests.

It has also been leveraging its appeal to generations of Filipinos to attract a new crop of customers: the always online, tech-savvy millennials.

“The brand has been able to stay relevant; it has gone through a lot of adaptations in response to the changing times, and our ability to touch lives has formed the foundation of our fiercely loyal base of guests,” said Gregorio.

Shakey’s, recognized globally as the original pizza franchise, was first established in the United States in 1954 and is best known for “the pizza that started it all.”

It opened its first store in the Philippines in 1975 and now maintains market leadership in both the full-service chain and full-service pizza chain categories.

Apart from the Philippines, the company also owns perpetual rights to the Shakey's brand for the Middle East, Asia (excluding Japan and Malaysia), China, Australia, and Oceania.

In 2018, it opened its second international store in Dubai, breaking several Shakey’s records for highest first day sales and highest number of pre-sold loyalty cards.

With two area development agreements already signed up, its total international pipeline consists of at least 18 more outlets over the next few years. (PR)

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