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Shopwell seeks to enhance customer relations, promote brand equity

Updated: Jun 15

Homegrown convenience store Shopwell, Inc. has launched a rewards program and other marketing campaigns aimed at strengthening customer relations and promoting brand equity in preparation for expanding operations outside Cebu.

The company, which started as a fishing and packaging store, is eyeing to open new branches not only in Cebu but also in other parts of the Visayas as well as in Mindanao.

At present, Shopwell has two branches: Talisay branch, which was established on May 26, 2017; and the Lapu-Lapu City branch called Shopwell Opon, which opened on March 17, 2020.

About two weeks after opening Shopwell Opon, however, the entire Cebu Province went into lockdown as a measure against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

As an essential establishment selling grocery items, Shopwell was allowed to remain open although operations were limited.

The company then introduced its pick-up and delivery services.

For this year, Shopwell introduced the Masaligan Rewards Program, which allows loyal customers to use their accumulated reward points as payment.

Shopwell also introduced a Wholesaler Program, which provides customers who reach a minimum purchase requirement to enjoy certain benefits and incentives.

Another program is the Race to 3 Million, which provides incentives to wholesaler members whose purchases have reached P3 million.

At present, Shopwell sells basic commodities, houseware and dry goods.

The company plans to establish Bayad centers, a pharmacy and food outlets. (MTVI/Ventures Cebu)

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